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August 18-21, 2016 – The 2016 National Apprenticeship Contest was held at Fort Edmonton Park in Edmonton, Alberta. It was the inaugural round for the Scaffolding trade at the NAC and the BC Regional Council of Carpenters was pleased to have Joel Slater there representing his trade. Joel participated against the best of the best in the country and placed 1st in the contest.
Representing the Floorlayers Local 1541 were Jacob Coulson, Mackenzie Coulson, Ethan Collmann, and Bill Tokaryk. Jacob Coulson did very well and took 3rd place.
Provincial Carpentry Apprenticeship Contest winner Lukas Farey did an excellent job representing the Carpenters at this year’s NAC.
It was a great weekend for everyone involved with this year’s contest and it proved to be a fine example of the UBC’s commitment to training and excellence. Click here for more photos.




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