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‘UBC Canada: Building Strong, Coast to Coast to Coast’ – New Canadian District Publication

The Canadian District of the UBC has a new publication called ‘UBC Canada: Building Strong, Coast to Coast to Coast’ – a five-year report about news and initiatives across the country in the UBC.
Included in this edition:
• Jason Rowe, vice president, Canadian District UBC, discusses the position and trajectory of the Canadian District as being one of strength (p. 3).
• B.C. piledrivers Local 2404 is this edition’s featured local (pp. 8—10).
• Read about the gift that Whitehorse Local 2499 president Tytus Hardy gave to save the life of his brother and Local 2499 member Lymond Hardy (p. 19).

42nd UBC General Convention – Saturday, August 22, 2020

In a feat of audio-visual coordination, speakers from various locations throughout Canada and the U.S. were broadcast in real time to satellite locations such as ours in Vancouver for what was a remote 42nd UBC General Convention.
Congratulations to the McCarron Team on a successful re-election. And a huge thank-you to the staff and delegates for their contributions in showing the strength of the Brotherhood!

Royal Inland Hospital, Patient Care Tower – Kamloops, B.C.

The $417-million Patient Care Tower Project will take place in two phases. Phase one includes the nine-storey building, rooftop helipad, and two levels of underground parking.

Up to 50 carpenters and apprentices have worked on the project with Ellis Don since December 2018. BCRCC representatives Derrek Autzen and Mike Andrews did a tremendous job ensuring that local members received an opportunity to work on such a substantial project in their own backyard.

Phase-two renovations will begin after the completion of the Patient Care Tower, which scheduled for an early-2022 opening. Phase two includes the renovation and expansion of the emergency, pediatrics, and anaesthetic recovery departments, as well as the morgue. Completion of phase two is planned for fall 2024.

Ellis Don Infrastructure was named the preferred proponent for the project by Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, as part of the NDP Government’s August 2018 Royal Inland Hospital Patient Care Tower Project announcement: “Premier Horgan and I are committed to getting the Patient Care Tower built at the Royal Inland Hospital – the sooner the better,” Dix proclaimed. BCRCC members started on the project a mere six months later.

In addition to BCRCC Local 1370 members performing the concrete formwork, other BCRCC signatory contractors are involved in the project. Industrial Scaffold Services L.P. and Kamloops Scaffold have provided safe access and regress for all workers on site. Most recently, Wrapex Westcoast Inc. began the duct insulation work, and Floorlayers 1541 members are expected to begin work with Maxwell Floors later this summer.

Photos: Local 1370 carpenters working on the Royal Inland Hospital Patient Care Tower last week in Kamloops. Derrek Autzen providing members working for Wrapex Wescoast with aerial work platform certification.

Helmets to Hardhats

The BCRCC supports the endeavour of Helmets to Hardhats to transition service members to a career in construction.

Their new booklet outlines the program and lists testimonials from veterans and industry stakeholders.

From their website, their mission:

“Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting veterans who are transitioning from military service, and active reservists, into well paid, highly-skilled second careers in construction and related industries.

In partnership with construction trade unions, governments and industry, H2H streamlines the pathways to apprenticeship, advanced training and career placement opportunities in the construction industry with registered employers who support the men and women who have served our country.”

Local 1598 Meetings to Resume July 20, 2020

The Local 1598 office in Victoria is not big enough to accommodate our monthly membership meetings; thus, we rent space at the Pro Patria Legion on Gorge Rd.

Due to the pandemic, the Legion has been closed and has reopened only recently. Per the Provincial Health Officer’s (Dr. Bonny Henry) regulations, the space at the Legion will have single seats six feet apart and a maximum occupancy of 42 people.

The Local 1598 Regular Meeting scheduled for July 20, 2020, will occur – in observance of these important health regulations. As such, the meeting will allow members on a first-come-first-served basis until the maximum occupancy of 42 people is reached. However, if the regulations allow for more individuals, these parameters will be adjusted accordingly. Please note: Members will be seated six feet apart, and we will provide masks and hand sanitizer upon entrance for those who wish to have them.

We look forward to being able to resume our regular membership meetings, albeit in a limited capacity.

For other BCRCC locals across the province and Yukon, information will be posted as soon as possible; otherwise, please call your local representative.

Update for Victoria’s Local 1598 members:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in consideration of the need for physical distancing and the restriction on gathering, the Local 1598 Regular Meeting scheduled for Monday, April 20, is CANCELLED.

Notice Regarding Council Operations

Due to COVID-19, the BC Regional Council of Carpenters (BCRCC) has taken precautionary measures for the safety of our members and staff. While our physical offices and training centres are currently closed for in-person visits, we remain committed to supporting our members during this challenging period.

To contact the BCRCC, please call 1-888-217-9320 and select from the following options based on the information you require:

Unions Dues & Membership Inquiries – OPTION 1
Benefit Plan, Pension, and Shortage Notice Payments – OPTION 2
Training & Apprenticeship Inquiries – OPTION 3

Here is a directory of our Union representatives, for your reference:

Local 527

Rob Snyder





Local 1370

Mike Andrews






Derrek Autzen





Local 1541

Mark Bevacqua






Ken Podgornik





Local 1598

Tim Bolderson






Matt Carlow





Local 1907

Kristine Byers






Ken Podgornik






Jason Sarac






Jason Teneycke





Local 2499

Jeff Sloychuk



COVID-19 Resources and Updates

29 May 2020
BCRCC Benefit Plan Services Expansion
Dear BCRCC Members:

The BC Regional Council of Carpenters (BCRCC), in collaboration with the trustees of the BCRCC Benefit Plan, is pleased to announce that the Member and Family Assistance Program (MFAP), jury duty coverage, and bereavement leave are now accessible to all BCRCC members – not just those covered on the BCRCC Benefit Plan.

The MFAP, provided by Homewood Health, is a counselling, resources, and support service that’s available to all BCRCC members – and their dependents – in person, by phone, by video, or online. It offers a confidential and caring environment and will provide counselling for any challenge, such as:

family – marital – relationships – addictions – anxiety – depression – life transitions/change – grief/bereavement – stress – nutrition – lifestyle changes – weight management – smoking cessation – childcare and parenting – elderly and family care – financial – legal – career planning – workplace issues – pre-retirement – and shift work

The MFAP is free and accessible 24/7. Call 1-844-722-3327 or visit

Download the MFAP brochure here.

1 May 2020
The Online Application Portal for the B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers is Now Open
As of today, Friday, May 1, 2020, the online portal to apply for the B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers is open. This benefit is a tax-free, one-time $1000 payment “for B.C. residents whose ability to work has been affected due to COVID-19.” Find more information here.
The eligibility requirements are similar to those for the Canada Emergency Response Benefits (CERB). View the eligibility and application requirements here.
Apply online here.
Note: While telephone applications will be accepted starting May 4, due to anticipated high volumes, the Province strongly recommends applying online. To apply by phone: 1-855-955-3545 (within BC only); 1-778-309-4630 (outside B.C.).

22 April 2020
CERB Expansions – Stay on the CERB if You Earn Less Than $1,000 per Month
Last week, the Federal Government announced some expansions to its Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). While we encourage you to read more about these expansions, we’d particularly like to note that the government will now “Allow people to earn up to $1,000 per month while collecting the CERB.”
This means that if you’re currently on the CERB, and you’re offered a dispatch for a position that’s short term, accepting the dispatch may not automatically disqualify you for the CERB.
Please note: According to this Fed Gov page, this $1,000 per month is before taxes. And “per month” means “during an eligibility period,” which are as follows:

  1. March 15, 2020 to April 11, 2020
  2. April 12, 2020 to May 9, 2020
  3. May 10, 2020 to June 6, 2020
  4. June 7, 2020 to July 4, 2020
  5. July 5, 2020 to August 1, 2020
  6. August 2, 2020 to August 29, 2020
  7. August 30, 2020 to September 26, 2020

7 April 2020
COVID-19 Scenarios Grid for BCRCC Members (Version 4)
We’ve made a fourth version our COVID-19 scenarios grid to help direct BCRCC members to benefits and information depending on their situation.
Most significantly, the portal to apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) is now active.
Moreover, Employment Insurance (EI) benefits (both regular and sickness EI) and the CERB have been streamlined: Applying for either of these benefits is now done through one and the same portal. Also, per this Fed Gov site, “If you applied for EI regular or sickness benefits on March 15, 2020 or later, your claim will be automatically processed through the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.”

3 April 2020
COVID-19 Scenarios Grid for BCRCC Members (Version 3)
Please see this latest version of our COVID-19 scenarios grid for BCRCC members. It will help direct members to benefits and information depending on their situation. Here’s what’s changed or been added since the previous version:

  1. The recommended order for what benefit people should apply for has changed. If you’ve stopped working because of COVID-19, it’s now being recommended by the Federal Government that you “apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, whether or not are eligible for Employment Insurance.” (See question two of the Q&A).
  2. The Federal Government has released guidelines for applying for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.
  3. The Province’s COVID-19 self-assessment tool is now available as an app for both Apple and Android devices.

27 March 2020
COVID-19 Scenarios Grid for BCRCC Members (Version 2)
We have updated our grid designed to help guide members to benefits and information depending on their situation. This revised version includes information about the Canada Emergency Response Benefit announced by the Federal Government on March 25, which replaces the Emergency Care Benefit and Emergency Response Benefit. It also includes resources about construction and COVID-19 from WorkSafe BC.

Benefit Plan Changes
In addition, please see the updates to the BCRCC Benefit Plan that provide additional support to members and their families during this challenging period.

23 March 2020
COVID-19 Scenario Grid for BCRCC Members
Please view this grid designed to direct members to benefits and information depending on their specific situation.

B.C. Government Releases Guidance for Construction Sites
Also, yesterday the B.C. Government released guidelines for construction sites during COVID-19.

20 March 2020
Please help keep our jobsites safe by maintaining safe social distances and by washing your hands frequently. Do not go to work if you are ill, whether or not the illness has been confirmed as COVID-19.

BC Ministry of Health Releases Self-Assessment Tool
Anyone who feels ill can use this self-assessment tool that the B.C. Ministry of Health released to help determine the nature of their illness. You can complete this assessment for yourself, or on behalf of someone else, if they are unable to.

Changes to EI Sickness Benefits
Employment Insurance (EI) sickness benefits provides up to 15 weeks of income replacement for people who are unable to work because of illness, injury, or quarantine. Visit the EI sickness benefits page to apply. People claiming EI sickness benefits due to quarantine will not have to provide a medical certificate. The one-week waiting period for EI sickness benefits will be waived for new claimants who are quarantined so they can be paid for the first week of their claim. Find more information here.

18 March 2020
We understand and share many of the concerns we have been hearing in response to the COVID-19 situation. Our hope is that our members and their families stay healthy during this critical time. The BCRCC is actively monitoring the latest news from the BC Centre for Disease Control, the BC Ministry of Health, as well as the Federal Government, and will help to relay new information.

Canada’s Economic Response Plan
On March 18, the Federal Government announced its COVID-19 Economic Response Plan. The benefit will provide temporary income support for:

  • Workers, including the self-employed, who are quarantined or sick with COVID-19 but do not qualify for EI sickness benefits.
  • Workers, including the self-employed, who are taking care of a family member who is sick with COVID-19, such as an elderly parent, but do not qualify for EI sickness benefits.
  • Parents with children who require care or supervision due to school or daycare closures, and are unable to earn employment income, irrespective of whether they qualify for EI or not.

Q&A for Employees and Employers from the BC Building Trades
Find answers to commonly asked questions – including those involving construction work – here.

CLR’s Safety Recommendations
Also, Construction Labour Relations (CLR) has encouraged its signatory contractors that the following precautionary measures be adopted on jobsites:

• Jobsite meetings can still be held, but perhaps in smaller groups which are appropriate for the space available to allow for proper distance between employees.
• Consider staggering lunch breaks so potential exposure in lunch rooms is limited to smaller groups.
• Where possible add additional washing stations and hand sanitizers and ensure the ones you have are available in convenient locations so that access is easier.
• Discourage the shaking of hands. It may feel strange, but elbow bumps or no contact at all is becoming the norm.
• Keep 1—2 meters distance between yourself and anyone you are talking to.

Pre-Dispatch Procedures
Before getting dispatched to a jobsite, members will be asked: 1. Do you have a fever or are you experiencing any respiratory systems such as coughing, sore throat or shortness of breath; 2. Have you, or a member of your household, travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days; 3. Have you, or a member of your household, been in contact with anyone infected with the COVID -19 Virus in the last 14 days? If the answer is yes, dispatch should be denied until 14 days after the member returned to Canada or was last in contact with an infected person.

Practice Self-Monitoring
To prevent transmission of the virus, the BC Centre for Disease Control asks people to “self-monitor their health and to apply a low threshold when feeling unwell to stay home until they are better.” If someone is showing symptoms, they should contact their doctor or another health authority about potentially getting tested for COVID-19. They can call 811 to speak to a registered nurse. Also, the BC Ministry of Health has released a COVID-19 self-assessment tool.

There is a hotline to provide non-medical information and help people decide if they should seek testing: 1-888-COVID19 or 1-888-268-4319. It will be staffed from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Information is available in more than 110 languages.

Information about COVID-19 from the Federal Government
The Federal Government’s page about EI and COVID-19 is here. The website to apply for EI is here. Service Canada has also set up a toll-free number for those seeking EI for self-isolation: 1‑833-381-2725. Information about eligibility for regular EI is here. Information about medical EI is here.

We will continue to share updates as the situation develops.

13 March 2020
Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 globally, the BCRCC is proactively trying to limit the spread of infection in the workplace. Our shared priority is the health, safety, and welfare of our members and signatory contractors.

Safety Precautions for Individuals
Although the Public Health Agency of Canada has assessed the public health risk associated with COVID-19 as low for the general population, we must all remain vigilant in order to protect public health. Please view this poster for steps on how to protect yourself.

Health Canada recommends the following procedures to increase proper hygiene and reduce the risk of infection or spreading infection to others:

  • wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after using the washroom and when preparing food;
  • use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available;
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands;
  • when coughing or sneezing:
    • cough or sneeze into a tissue or the bend of your arm, not your hand
    • dispose of any tissues you have used as soon as possible in a lined waste basket and wash your hands afterwards

SYMPTOMS: The following are common symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Dry cough
  • Difficulty breathing

RISK: You are at a greater risk for COVID-19 If:

  • You have recently travelled to a COVID-19-impacted area
  • You have been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19
  • You have been in close contact with a person with acute respiratory illness who has been to a COVID-19-impacted area

If you experience the symptoms above AND/OR you have a higher risk of developing COVID-19, please contact your health care provider. You can also call 811 to speak with a registered nurse.

Federal Government of Canada COVID-19 Outbreak Update Page
BC Centre for Disease Control Info Page
BC Centre for Disease Control News Page

Carpenters, Carpenter Apprentices, & Material Handlers Wanted in Victoria

BCRCC Local 1598 is seeking carpenters, carpenter apprentices, and material handlers to work on commercial projects in the Victoria area. Our collective agreement offers premium wage rates, a comprehensive benefit plan for you and your family, as well as a pension plan:

• Certified journeypeople earn: $34.00 / hr +8% holiday and vacation pay
• Employer-paid medical, dental, & pension contributions
• Training and apprenticeships provided
• Paid supervisor & career-advancement training
• Paid overtime

Victoria-based contractors signed to a Local 1598 collective agreement include: Aral Construction, Banyan Construction, Campbell Construction, Coast City Construction, Farmer Construction, Philco Construction, Lida Homes, TCF Contracting, Perma Construction, Pross Construction, Thomas and Birch Cabinetry, West Coast Custom Homes, & West Terra Construction.

To apply, please email Matt at or Tim at


Carpenters, Carpenter Apprentices, & Material Handlers Wanted in the Lower Mainland

BCRCC Local 1907 is seeking carpenters, carpenter apprentices, and material handlers to work on major projects in the lower mainland. Our collective agreement provides a competitive and comprehensive compensation package:

Contractor: EllisDon Forming
Project:  YVR Core/Parkade
Location: YVR Airport – 4711 Grant McConachie Way – Richmond
Local hires only
• Certified journeypersons earn: $34.47 / hr +8% holiday and vacation pay
• Current work schedule is 40+ hours per week
• 2-year project
• Employer-paid medical, dental, & pension contributions
• Training and apprenticeships provided

Please email Kristine or Jason at to apply.


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