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Information Regarding Tax Slips

BCRCC Members:

Tax slips are being sent out between February 10 and 28. This year the slips will be coming in separate envelopes. You may receive up to three envelopes:

  1. A statement for monthly dues paid/applied between January 1—December 31, 2020 (tax deductible). This does not include amounts deducted by your employer, only amounts you paid to the Union directly.
  2. A T4A from the BCRCC Benefit Plan that includes life insurance and AD&D premiums (Box 119) to be included as ‘Other Information‘ (taxable benefit). Bereavement leave and/or jury duty benefit will be listed in box 28.
    If you made self-payments to the Benefit Plan in 2020, your taxable benefits will be reduced by your self-payment amounts. If your self-payments exceed the amount of taxable benefits, you will have an amount listed in Box 135. This amount is a tax credit and is an eligible medical expense. As stated in CRA’s medical expenses 2020 RC 4065 (E), “You can claim the total of the eligible expenses minus either $2,397 or 3% of your net income (line 236 of your income tax and benefit return), whichever is less” on line 330 of your 2020 income tax return.
  3. a) A T4A from UBC BCRCC for apprentices who qualified and received a bursary from the Union for tuition in 2020 to be included in box 105 in the ‘Other Information’ area, as this is a taxable benefit to be offset by the T2202A sent from the college/institution where you completed the course,
  4. b) For membership dues refunded in 2020 that will be listed in Box 28, wage reimbursement for OFA Level 2 & 3, and referral program payouts.

If you have a T4 from a union employer that does not list union dues in box 44 of the T4, please contact the Union.

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