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The Labour Relations Code of B.C. governs the process for organizing (or unionizing) an employer. The Code requires that upon 45% of the employees signing a card stating that the employee wishes to be represented by a union, an application can be made to the Labour Relations Board of B.C. The Board schedules a hearing to determine if 45% of the employees have signed cards to be represented and the group of employees (or bargaining unit) is appropriate. If the Board determines that the requirements are satisfied, a secret-ballot vote is conducted by a government agent within ten days of the union applying for certification. If a majority of the employees voting (more than 50%) chose to be represented by the union, the Board certifies the union as the bargaining agent for the employees, and the employer and union are obligated to bargain a collective agreement. The Board has the power to assist the parties through mediation or to bring down orders if a party violates the Code or refuses to bargain in good faith.

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