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LNG Canada Project – Two Years In

It has been two years since LNG Canada announced its positive final investment decision. Touted as the single largest private sector investment in Canadian history, the LNG export facility in Kitimat is well underway with BCRCC members hard at work on several major scopes of the project.

In 2019, members began work with Bird Construction on the Cedar Valley Lodge that will eventually house up to 4500 people. The lodge opened last summer and will be accommodating approximately 1500 workers by the end of 2020. In July 2019, Bird was also successful in winning the nineteen non‑process buildings and has recently started on a large civil concrete package that will have our members forming and placing 82,000 cubic meters over the next two years.

Another BCRCC signatory contractor, BFI, has been very successful in securing major concrete formwork scopes on the site. BFI is employing BCRCC carpenters on three segments of the project: the LNG storage tank foundation, the river water intake, and a large concrete foundation package.

Lorneville Mechanical has BCRCC scaffolders working on the massive LNG storage tank, currently in its early stages. More BCRCC members are employed with Fluor Constructors Canada and Brock Industrial, supplying miscellaneous scaffold support.

In April, the project scaled back the onsite workforce due to worries about the COVID-19 pandemic. Hiring resumed later in the spring, taking advantage of the summer construction season. By August, the project reported having roughly 3000 workers, 800 of whom were locals.

Over 300 BCRCC members are now employed on the site, working for five BCRCC signatory contractors, and performing major scopes of the overall project. Additional workers will continue to be added, with peak construction expected in the third quarter of 2021, creating an estimated 4500 jobs and employing 7000 to 7500 workers, varying with the shift-work nature of employment.

LNG Storage Tank Foundation at LNG Canada Project. (Photo from

River Water Intake Pumphouse Project at the LNG Canada Project. (Photo from

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