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Superior Wages

It is widely recognized that unionized workers earn superior wages to those of unrepresented workers. The process to achieve this is called collective bargaining. Through collective bargaining the Union negotiates on behalf of all the employees, rather than the individual negotiating his/her wages and conditions directly with their employer. Collective bargaining provides workers greater bargaining power with their employer than individual negotiation.

Contact your Local for current wage rates and benefits.


The BC Regional Council of Carpenters participates in the Alberta Carpenters & Allied Workers (ACAW) Pension Plan.

For further information, please visit


BC Regional Council of Carpenters Benefit Plan

Some things you need to know about the Plan:

  • Union membership is the first requirement for participation in the Plan.
  • Members will be eligible for coverage once they have completed all enrollment forms and have a minimum of 260 hours reported to the Plan.
  • Once coverage commences you will need a minimum of 130 hours reported each month to maintain coverage.

The BCRCC Benefit Plan is designed to provide the most necessary, core benefits for members and their families’ healthcare needs:

  • B.C. MSP COVERAGE – As provided by Medical Services Plan of B.C. (Care Card).
  • EXTENDED HEALTH CARE – Includes prescription drugs, physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage practitioner, acupuncturist, vision care, hospital rooms, emergency ambulance services, and many other expenses not covered by MSP.
  • DENTAL CARE – basic, preventative, & restorative services, major restorative services, and orthodontics.
  • SHORT TERM DISABILITY – (Wage Indemnity)

*For detailed information on the benefits covered, contact your local office for a current benefits booklet.

* Note: If a member does not require MSP because they are covered under a spouse’s plan, they must complete a waiver form so they are not taxed on the MSP benefit.

ENROLLMENT, CHANGE, or CLAIM FORMS are available at the Union office, or you can download claim forms at:


The hour bank system is designed so the employer pays the negotiated hourly rate on behalf of each employee coming within the scope of the collective agreement. The hours are accumulated in the member’s individual hour bank account to provide the health and welfare coverage when eligibility requirements are fulfilled. Regardless of which participating employer you are employed with, all your hours are sent to the Plan and are credited to your account.


You must be a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. You must file completed enrollment forms with the Plan. A minimum of 260 hours must be reported and paid to the Plan on your behalf by a participating employer within a period of four consecutive months. Your coverage begins on the first day of the month following the month in which all of these requirements are fulfilled.

Once you have qualified, 130 hours are withdrawn each month from your hour bank to pay for coverage under the Plan. You may accumulate up to six months coverage (780 hours), which can be used during a period of reduced employment, illness, or extended vacation.

Your coverage will continue for as long as your hour bank contains sufficient hours and provided you remain a member of the Union.


If your hour bank drops below 130 hours, you will receive a shortage notice outlining the payment you can make to maintain coverage into the following month. If you wish to maintain your coverage, you must make a self payment for the number of hours that you are short at the contribution rate stated on the notice. Payment must be received in the Union office by the 15th day of the month in which the shortage notice is issued. For example, if you receive a shortage notice in January with the option to buy the hours you’re short for February coverage, the shortage should be paid by the 15th of January.

Employers are required to remit hours on the 15th day of the month following the month hours were worked. For example, January hours are to be remitted by February 15th, are processed at the end of February, and go towards March coverage.

*Note: The only way to guarantee continuous coverage is to pay the shortage by the date specified on the notice.


If you fail to pay a shortage notice and your hour bank remains below 130 hours, you will receive a termination notice.

Your coverage is provided on a whole month basis and will terminate on the last day of the month if your hour bank falls below the 130 hours and you fail to make the required payment by the specified date on your shortage notice.

If a member is suspended for non-payment of dues, coverage is terminated and the hour bank is eliminated.

In case of death, the member’s dependents will continue to be covered for as long as there are sufficient hours in the member’s hour bank.


BC Regional Council of Carpenters

Office: 250-383-8116

Fax: 250-383-1603

210-2750 Quadra Street

Victoria, BC V8T 4E8


Group RRSP

The BCRCC Benefit Plan previously provided a Group Retirement Savings Plan. The Plan is arranged through Vancity Insurance Services and is administered by Credit Union Membership Insurance Services (CUMIS).

If you wish to discuss the Plan’s investment options, Vancity Credit Union provides a financial advisor free of charge.

Members can access their accounts, change beneficiaries, investment options, and personal information at

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