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BCRCC Training Center

The Training Centre opened in March 2010 and totals over 40,000 sq. ft. with 32,000 sq. ft. devoted to training-floor space and classrooms. Carpenters’ Local 1907, Floorlayers’ Local 1541, Millwrights’ Local 2736, and Piledrivers’ Local 2404 utilize the remaining 8,600 sq. ft. in the office section for Union and Benefit Plan administration.

The Training Centre is used for scaffolder, floorlayer, and piledriver apprenticeship training and journeyperson upgrading for carpenters, scaffolders, floorlayers, millwrights, and piledrivers. Safety training is a significant component of the training programs offered at the centre, such as first aid, confined space, and fall arrest courses.

Our training centre delivers the best training programs developed in Canada and the U.S. through the International Training Center in Las Vegas.

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